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Branch mine sulfur Zrkvh 4324-110-0912- quite normal for agriculture-agriculture-plants-plants-flowers-green edible mushrooms apartment-green-space urban-producers of livestock and poultry manure pellets and plate-bird is

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{Allah that of which it is}
November 1394 November 2015 =
Alhlal demand Fryzh Ali entire course and Mslmh, followed by one day to go legit, it is necessary for every man and Muslim woman
Allah Al-Shabbi Alfargh Ybghz, young unemployed, the wrath of God.
{Sulfur mine Zrkvh Garmsar}
Please carefully read the contents are as follows once}
{Images laboratory analysis at the end of the content is located}
{More to quality care!} {Do not risk!} {With capital and labor, not enemies!}
Consumers want to buy sulfur mine if you like the 6 kg powder in bright sunlight and in the open air on the hill [cone], put the center of the hole and then 3 liters (hot water and boiling) inside it slowly After 10 days, pour the salt and mildew salt} {See {Agrazatraf Nnmvdyd} The purchase agreement provided that the prototype is Pvdrgvgrd delivered to you!
But the real explanation is as follows {concise? !}
(A) Consumers sulfur for agriculture, agriculture, gardens and antiseptic and fungicide to a variety of animal and bird fertilizers ::
{To follow the true sulfur, natural, agricultural and agriculture and gardens, water-soluble! , Biodegradable! Soil real reform, real reform and disinfected manure from livestock and poultry are}
(Not) looking for a canary yellow sulfur and with a purity of 99%, because if something is ineffective for doing what even 999 percent purity? ! It is ineffective? ! And just charge exorbitant proceed but no result? ! In this context Byshtrthqyq and see and try at the right time, effort and money and not enemies! Because no one as much as you can on your own unless your rights to your enemy and that the decision incorrect and unscientific so ............? ! .
(B) at the time of avoiding unnecessary costs, and given the current economic conditions, the test is not! More research supplier.
(C) each type of product and commodity prices due to its quality or performance of the product in the consumer sector is not you!
The description on refinery sulfur yellow canary}!
(D) {if sulfur refinery canary yellow! Sulfur farming, agriculture and gardens as well? Or just for industrial purposes? To buy complete your investigation!}
(E) [study expert and practical test consumer awareness and raise awareness and prevent job losses, and a favorable outcome blindly follow and not lead to a good outcome and will only to be high costs. !
(F) sulfur for use in agriculture, farming and gardening for sulfur refinery with 99.9% purity {{{not} canary yellow but also for that of sulfur for use in agriculture, farming and gardening { 5} {% purity it is not} even Agrdrsd !! Because as much as 5% had a positive impact on agriculture and horticulture and soil amendment and forth in rows {b} to do.
(G) of practical experiments and scientific research have shown that sulfur refinery with no way to absorb water {not} and the water is! {Not} any way with the soil composition and thus did not give any positive effect on the soil if it is buried, and the amount of moisture it is enough [manager} for many years without any kind of a reaction the soil is not remains} !! {Not} Because soil conditions improved.
(H) If the consumers by oil, gasoline, motor oil, gasoline and water were combined ..........? ! Refinery sulfur as waste water will be combined oil and gas subsectors.!
(I) If oil, gasoline, motor oil, gasoline and .......... for use in agriculture, farming and useful gardens
(J) occur! We conclude that the refinery's sulfur for use in agriculture, agriculture and gardens is helpful.
(K) Agrdrsd who only use 100% pure sulfur refinery in the industrial sector, including for production of sulfuric acid and its performance ...........
{Sulfur mine Zrkvh consumer segments is as follows: ...}
{Part One: All sectors of agriculture, agriculture and gardens}
{Part II: All agro-industry}
{Part three: all kinds of fertilizers, animal, bird, flower, flower soil and poison}
{Part IV: all the flowers, pots, flats, Ghyrapartmany and Garden}
{Part V: all manufacturers of organic fertilizers and non-sulfur and sulfur powder}
{Part V: All manufacturers of fertilizers Plate avian}
{Part VI: all urban green space, parks, offices, etc.}
{Part VII: all livestock, including dairy and meat}
{Part VIII: all poultry, including chickens and laying and breeder birds}
{Condition} sulfur Zrkvh Garmsar
1) Branch Zrkvh sulfur mine geologically located in the desert is not the salt? ! But in the northern city of Garmsar in the mountainous region, and in no way does the salt?
2) Loading sulfur mine tailings depot Zrkvh the separation of pure sulfur from sulfur gross of the Soviet era, Qajar, the Safavid Shah and ..... not! Instead of pristine mineral extracted and loaded to ensure that the proof just to buy, of sulfur Zrkvh visit
3) non-refinery sulfur mine Zrkvh, other oil waste, other waste gases, non-toxic, and non-industrial and non-canary yellow is the color!
4) sulfur mine Zrkvh not even 1% salt! ! ! === Laboratory ..................
{Advantages of mine Pvdrgvgrd Zrkvh}
1) sulfur mine Zrkvh (parasites and fungi in a variety of animal and bird fertilizers), including the most popular ones) tapeworm)) and Ascaris worms) destroys.
2) without additives is known as the best natural and organic fertilizer.
3) Unlike sulfur refinery easily absorb water. This is the greatest privilege of this mineral.
4) The best soil amendment and fertilizer of animal and bird.
5) The microbicides for soil and fertilizer of animal and bird.
6) The best fungicides for soil and fertilizer of animal and bird.
7) the best disinfectant, soil and crop types of animal and bird.
8) The best element to lower (PH) soil and crop types of animal and bird.
9) The best element for removing salt [EC] animal fertilizers and soil types.
10) The best element for absorption and excretion of ammonia gas in a variety of animal manures especially poultry.
11) The best element to remove alkalinity [SAR] territory.
12) The best element of any dirt and oily soils even desert region combined.
13) The elements to be easily combined with a variety of animal manures Vmrghy.
14) The best element for removing animal and bird lime in the soil and crop types.
15) The best element for eliminating white worms, mites and larvae of insects in the soil and crop types of animal and bird.
16) The best element to eliminate rats and mole cricket in the ground.
17) The best element for removing pigs from gardens and farms in mountainous areas.
18) The best element for the release of elements such as phosphorus, nitrogen, iron and so on ....... the soil to absorb these elements by trees and plants.
19) The best element to spray on the leaves, branches and trunks of trees in order to strengthen and pests, particularly insects and worms.
20) The best element to spray on the leaves of plants as well as to strengthen pest and insect Nhamkhsvsa mildew, aphids, mites and ........

22) It is then mixed with the soil all previous fertilizing the soil for trees and plants will be revived and ready
23) the old and useless Nsrkhakhay to revive, strengthen and Haslkhyzmynmayd
24) This piece prevents contamination of groundwater.
25) the sulfur mine Zrkvh benefits insecticide, fungicide, germicide and disinfectant being that if any kind of fertilizer such as manure from livestock, poultry or compost mix in pots inside apartments and houses used be in addition to any cream, millipede, or other organisms in the soil to kill animals, but also prevents the mosquito and also prevents the smell of fertilizer in the soil in the homes, apartments and offices also is. {not} this test is too expensive to test all the items detailed above you.
{All kinds of fertilizers, animal and bird}
26) Dear all kinds of fertilizers, animal, bird and flower soil is recommended before delivery of contaminated fertilizers to farmers, gardeners, farmers, greenhouse owners and flower sellers pulverized natural sulfur and sulfur for agricultural extracted Azmdn Zrkvh Branch (the otheraccredited laboratory and is equipped to provide testing and then, seeing the desired results such as: lower PH, salinity disposal, disposal of alkalinity, ammonia gas, disposal of pesticides, disposal of fungi, parasites, tapeworms , Ascaris worm, millipede and will be ........... [first test in low volume, and the favorable results of the implementation of mass action.
{Ranchers and farmers}
27) as the best appetizer for a variety of livestock and poultry, subject to consultation with relevant nutrition consultants.
28) after consumption of appetite caused by livestock and poultry in addition to antiseptic, fungicidal and killing germs in the stomach, intestines and crop livestock and poultry is
29) Best dry for poultry and livestock is the floor so that after the collapse of inorganic sulfur powder in the poultry and livestock floor it is completely decontaminated locations and no longer need to use lime
without manual work best antiseptic, insecticide and household germs do
31) +++ *** If enough Zrkvh mine sulfur powder on the ground floor of their animals will not be wound sprinkle addition to poison animals, but when they sleep on the floor all the parts placed on the ground, antiseptic, and
32) because it easily dissolves in water so you can lounge, roof, floor and walls around livestock and poultry instead of spraying with a variety of harmful chemical pesticides "dangerous and expensive to mine sulfur Pvdrmykrvnyz·h Zrkvh by spraying with pesticide use by spraying With this method of livestock and poultry disinfection "insecticide" pesticide "fungicidal and germicidal supplier.
{Manufacturers of fertilizers and pellets}
without any additives, especially plaster! Factory! ?, Bentonite and zeolite etc ..... is not.
34) the reaction of inorganic sulfur powder (Agriculture), antiseptic, fungicidal, germicidal, thus lowering the production of organic fertilizers PH and is ............. sulfur by plants immediately after combined with compost or manure from livestock and poultry combined with ammonia gas in the PH them lower their disposal as well as action, antiseptic, fungicide, etc .... causes lowering of salinity.

of sulfur powder Zrkvh mine either granular or plate or other powdery soil is not much need for other fertilizers on the farm {practical test practical response to the claim}
{Manufacturers of fertilizers Plate avian}
37) Zrkvh mine sulfur powder benefits for manufacturers of fertilizers and cover plate is as follows: If a respected manufacturers of the grinding plate of chicken manure fertilizer to produce sulfur powder to add Zrkvh mine and mine Zrkvh as micronized sulfur powder. Therefore thefungicidal, action, especially in the lower PH Kvdmrghy absorption of ammonia gas in chicken manure, etc. do
38) such as sulfur powder addition Brgvgrd Zrkvh mine minerals containing calcium, manganese, magnesium, iron, etc. The cover plate of chicken manure produced quickly dried and then packaged and transported when moving barrier is crushed or Pvdrshdn it.
{Directors lawns}
39) If more than half a century old sycamore trees, sycamore and other major cities in the dry and then cut and eventually become coal? ! Or particle board? ! Is? ! = {Because water is very polluted urban air tables and thus a direct impact on trees and green space left yellow color and blight will eventually dry is trees, so using sulfur powder Zrkvh to the methods used mine aforementioned {, and the trees} to We also help urban green space
the good and fruitful results have permanent}
Performance-testing laboratory proven method = Mvardfvq
(C) Description:
1. remarkable Khrydaran- consumers and dealers powder, granulated and lump sulfur mine, because mine sulfur Zrkvh Zrkvh a grinding mill for fine grinding stone Vasyab extracted sulfur is related to sulfur powder so with confidence and intact delivery Buyers and second, that the applicants are mine {Zrkvh} has factories and packing granulated sulfur fertilizer - organic agriculture and agriculture-related as well as inorganic sulfur is
2. Dear buyers-consumers and sellers in order to prove all cases tested as above can be put on the agenda.
Please do not hesitate to transfer this collection of mine and Nyzrf bugs more information contact us
Goodbye: Khalqy.mdyraml and Chairman of the Board Zrkvh sulfur mining and chemical company Gstrrzvan


Author: Muhammad Jmalyzadh Tajabadi;

Profile Manager: Mohammad Jmalyzadh Tajabadi
Email Manager Blog
A review of sulfur (S), sources, importance and its application in pistachio orchards-the first
By: Mohammad Jmalyzadh-MS in Plant Pathology-member Iranian pistachios
WARNING: Any use of this material must be the author attribution or permission
Sulfur (S) as a key element in the growth and development of plants or plant is considered. Sulfur (S) element is considered mysterious and sometimes unknown pistachio orchards. Typically the pistachio Baghdarn knew little of the sulfur and its role in increasing the efficiency of pistachio trees. In the case of many farmers and other crops in other parts of the world elemental sulfur is almost unknown. Elemental sulfur (S) in terms of the categories not considered part of the macro elements, but sulfur can be classified as micro elements such as the removal of sulfur from the soil by trees and other plants is much more micro elements. However, the sulfur can be an intermediate element between macro and micro elements classified. Nowadays, modern agriculture and science in many parts of the world, add sulfur to the soil of essential programs for many farmers and Baghdarn considered. In any year, the amount of sulfur as well as other elements from the soil by trees, which must be compensated by the addition of sulfur in feeding program. Unfortunately, the sulfur element in many cases there is no specific program of nutrition and even specific fertilizer sulfur to offset this element does not exist in the market? Unfortunately, soil testing can help to understand the lack or abundance of sulfur in the soil, although it can be useful to some extent !!. Sulfur plays critical roles in plants such as @:
1) More than 90% of vegetable protein structure element sulfur
2) Sulfur plays an important role in the structure of chlorophyll in the leaves so that sulfur deficiency reduces the production of chlorophyll and yellowing leaves (similar signs of lack of nitrogen)
3) interaction between sulfur and nitrogen (N) to increase the efficiency of nitrogen fixation and nitrogen efficiency is very important in other words, when a sufficient amount of sulfur in the soil have increased the amount of nitrogen?
4) If there is a sufficient amount of sulfur in the soil adsorption of nitrogen in the manure (poultry, sheep, etc.) will be increased by the roots, so that recommend the use of sulfur-containing fertilizers in combination with fertilizers livestock is
5) the amount of sulfur in the soil may be up to about 10% of the total volume of soil and the amount of soil almost similar to the element phosphorus (P) is.
6) Addition of sulfur fertilizer to the soil reduces the acidity or alkalinity PH, which in severe water and soil in Kerman pistachio is very useful.
7) Although the sulfur content in the soil test can help to some extent but in many cases, soil testing can not be a good measure of the amount of sulfur element needed by the tree (unlike many other elements)
 A) One of the highlights is the breakdown of sulfur-sulfur industrial agriculture is very different. Unfortunately, in the market of fertilizers and petrochemicals and oil derivatives waste yellow color is due to sulfur fertilizer to farmers as ignorant and unaware that almost no beneficial effect on soil not leave. Industrial sulfur in the soil remains almost intact after years of no change in soil does not. Bhrrvy should note that sulfur fertilizer agricultural farmers with industrial sulfur (sulfur yellow on the market) are completely different and should not be deceived by fraudsters and profiteers.
B) in the case of some bird pellet fertilizers Unfortunately, if we observe how the quality of yellow sulfur particles in the structure of industrial fertilizers in their improvements can be seen that any positive benefit for us. Sulfur element not only has a direct impact on nitrogen absorption, but can be largely indirect absorption of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) affect Qrarbdhd! Many of the amino acids methionine and cystine in trees including over 20 percent of their weight sulfur is formed.
C) the fat and enhances the flavor of pistachio orchards so that the sulfur is very important that enough sulfur to be absorbed by trees and brain marrow fat content and, ultimately, taste is also very pleasant brain would be the fact that only the brain, especially in the case Baghdarny green produce will be very important !!
D) to add manure to the garden help to increase the amount of sulfur is absorbed in trees so that today an important source of sulfur is estimated manure! Plant hormones such as auxin in pistachios, cytokinins and pistachio trees have an important role in increasing the efficiency of the structure of proteins and sulfur amino acid that certainly is part of the main building. Feedback or physiological interaction of sulfur in the soil are very interesting and detailed and beyond the scope of science because they are not mentioned in this blog and those interested can refer to them in the literature. Especially E) elemental sulfur and direct contact with this element uptake of nitrogen (N) in the soil by the trees of nutrition is very important and interesting debate. Sulfur or nitrogen ratio of N: S in the soil is one of the important discussion on the topic of soil science and soil science. As mentioned, more than 98% of sulfur in the soil as organic sulfur in the soil. Organic sulfur in the remains of animals and microorganisms in the soil. The interesting thing about external quality organic fertilizer (Spanish) is that improvements are especially manure fertilizers used in irrigation systems, as well as instructions on their application for the formulation and the addition of sulfur absorbed by trees (either root or by leaves) of the extracts or animal remains, sometimes used microorganisms listed on their labels that contain animal extracts are or Animal extract. This can greatly Animal extract contains organic sulfur that will have huge benefits for the trees. Ironically, even when you open the door and smell their improvements fertilizers or remaining dead animal carcasses are quite smell !! Exactly xtract. Animal are.



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