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The name “Bio Huma Netics” signifi es the study and application of the relationship (Netics) between the Earth (Huma)

and living organisms (Bio).

In 1973, Dr. Jordan Smith, Mr. Don Organ, and Mr. Delworth Stout made the fi rst agricultural application of a unique

oxidized humate material from a mine in the state of Idaho in the United States. Th ey purchased the mine and called

their company Sunburst Mining Company. Th is unique material is rich in natural organic compounds and minerals laid

down over eons of time in fresh water. When applied to farm soils, it improved soil conditions, accelerated nutrient uptake,

enhanced crop vigor, and increased yields.

By 1981, Sunburst had developed a proprietary process to extract organic acids, valuable minerals and other organic

components from this material and updated the corporate name to Bio Huma Netics, Inc. (BHN). Th is extract

contains the base of BHN’s unique Micro Carbon Technology™ (MCT) that is the foundational ingredient used in all

HUMA GRO®, HUMA GRO® TURF, and Probiotic Solutions® products. MCT is combined with other benefi cial

components to create over 70 products the company produces today to improve soils, promote plant nutrition, manage

growth, protect against pests, and make wastewater treatment more efficient