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Ariamas Trading Co.

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 Having its great experience in professional transport and transit from Iran to Oman, Ariamas trading company feels proud of acting as a pioneer in the international transport industry of Islamic republic of Iran and is prepared to give a new perspective in goods transport.

As a response to one of traders’ requirements, which is giving and providing transport services, by equipping the carrier and forwarder units of customs and customs clearance, we have been able to achieve this goal. We also try to reduce the percentage of risk and charge by planning how to transport products in accordance with logistic principles.
Here are the main activities of our company:

  • International carrier and forwarder transport.
  • Transporting exports, imports and transit.
  • Seaborne, overland, aerial and mixed transport.
  • Groupage transport.
  • Door to Door transport- receiving from factories/warehouses, transport, performing all needed protocols and delivering to factories/warehouses
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