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30ml P.E.T plastic bottle 30ml P.E.T plastic bottle Sell Cosmetics , Pharmaceutical Industry , Fire Alarms , Quantity/Carton : 2100 Pieces Per carton included one color. 06/08/2016
Skin Care products fragrances Skin Care products fragrances Sell Cosmetics , Fragrances for Skin & Personal care products ; Cream , lotion , Shampoo , Deodorant , Hair products and etc as pre-order and close contract. 06/05/2016
Detergents fragrances Detergents fragrances Sell Cosmetics , Fragrances for detergents 06/05/2016
Smart Collection 15ml bottle Smart Collection 15ml bottle Sell Cosmetics , The bottle\'s neck is screw and it provides in 6 colors ; Black , Pink , Purple , Yellow , Blue and Red. 06/05/2016
Marketing in Oman Marketing in Oman Sell Commercial companies , 05/01/2016
Oman Oman Sell Commercial companies , 05/01/2016
Export to Oman Export to Oman Sell Commercial companies , 05/01/2016
Business in Oman Business in Oman Sell Commercial companies , 05/01/2016
Pneumatic strapping machine Pneumatic strapping machine Sell Chemical Industry , Home Appliances , Textile , 07/30/2015
®PROUD 3 ®PROUD 3 Sell Agricultural supplies , - PROUD 3® is an organic listed crop protection product. It is a safe and effective, foliar applied insecticide, miticide and fungicide. The mode of action is as a contact killer. As an insecticide, it works best on soft bodied insects or on the juveniles. 07/27/2015
PROMAX™ PROMAX™ Sell Agricultural supplies , - PRO-MAX™ is an organic listed crop protection product. It is a protective and curative pesticide recommended for control of plant parasitic nematodes and soil borne diseases. The mode of action is by contact. For best results, always apply HUMA GRO® ZAP® as part of a long-term soil disease and nematode solution. 07/27/2015
JACKPOT®(YIELD-MAX™) (0-1-20+B) JACKPOT®(YIELD-MAX™) (0-1-20+B) Sell Agricultural supplies , - JACKPOT® complexed with MCT is a concentrated formulation of potassium and boron which encourages uniform fruit maturity and improved shelf life by activating antioxidants resulting in higher quality fruit. JACKPOT® promotes translocation of nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, and sugars from leaves and stems into the fruit, through the activation of amino acids and vitamins. JACKPOT® improves yield, size, color, quality, and uniformity. JACKPOT® should always be applied with HUMA GRO® CALCIUM to achieve maximum results. 07/27/2015
BREAKOUT® (4-14-2) BREAKOUT® (4-14-2) Sell Agricultural supplies , - BREAKOUT® complexed with MCT is designed to stimulate the natural production of auxin and cytokinin type hormones within the plant. Additionally BREAKOUT® enhances bud initiation, fl owering and fruit set through the activation of amino acids, vitamins and phosphorus transportation towards the root and shoots of the plant. When applied to soils BREAKOUT® is an effective fi brous root stimulant enhancing root mass. 07/27/2015
VITOL® (8-16-4 +S, Fe, Mn, Zn) VITOL® (8-16-4 +S, Fe, Mn, Zn) Sell Agricultural supplies , - VITOL® complexed with MCT stimulates the natural production of gibberellins within the plant for vegetative development and fruit sizing. It increases the energy output of the plant which helps move it smoothly through its growth stages. It also improves plant recovery from environmental stresses during peak crop demand periods. When soil applied, VITOL® acts as a root stimulant which elongates root growth that is critical in tap root crops. 07/27/2015
Z-MAX® (0-0-0 +8%Zn, 5%S, 2%Mn, 0.5%Cu) Z-MAX® (0-0-0 +8%Zn, 5%S, 2%Mn, 0.5%Cu) Sell Agricultural supplies , - Z-MAX® complexed with MCT ensures effi cient and effective uptake of zinc, sulfur, manganese and copper to optimize micronutrient nutrition of the plant. It is a highly concentrated micronutrient solution designed to improve plant health, nutrition, and vigor. Z-MAX® is a great tank mix additive to your disease management program. 07/27/2015
(MAX PAK® (0-0-0 +S, Fe, Mn, B, Mo, Co, Zn, C) (MAX PAK® (0-0-0 +S, Fe, Mn, B, Mo, Co, Zn, C) Sell Agricultural supplies , - MAX PAK® complexed with MCT ensures effi cient and effective uptake of this broad spectrum micro-nutrient formulation containing complexed and bio-activated sources of zinc, sulfur, manganese, iron, copper, cobalt, molybdenum, and boron. 07/27/2015
IRON (12-0-0 +6%Fe, 4%S) IRON (12-0-0 +6%Fe, 4%S) Sell Agricultural supplies , - IRON complexed with MCT stimulates effective and quick iron uptake into the plant and is a key micronutrient involved in photosynthesis and enables other biochemical processes such as respiration, symbiotic nitrogen fi xation and transfer of energy within the plant. HUMA GRO® IRON relieves chlorotic symptoms of iron-defi cient plants. 07/27/2015
COPPER (0-0-0 +5%Cu, 3%S) COPPER (0-0-0 +5%Cu, 3%S) Sell Agricultural supplies , - COPPER complexed with MCT ensures effi cient and effective uptake of copper which is a micronutrient involved in many plant metabolic processes including photosynthesis, enzyme activity, protein metabolism, nitrogen regulation and plant health. 07/27/2015
CALCIUM (8-0-0 +10%Ca) CALCIUM (8-0-0 +10%Ca) Sell Agricultural supplies , - CALCIUM complexed with MCT ensures maximum calcium uptake and translocation within the plant. CALCIUM is a required nutrient for cellular strength & growth, plant health, and fruit development while reducing the risk of fungal diseases. 07/27/2015
BORON (0-0-0 +5%B) BORON (0-0-0 +5%B) Sell Agricultural supplies , - BORON complexed with MCT ensures effi cient and effective uptake of boron which is required for cell division, plant metabolism, cell structure, sugar transport, pollination and seed development. 07/27/2015
44 MAG® (0-0-0 +5%Mg, 5.5%S) 44 MAG® (0-0-0 +5%Mg, 5.5%S) Sell Agricultural supplies , - 44 MAG® complexed with MCT ensures maximum assimilation of magnesium which is the essential part of the chlorophyll molecule that gives plants their green color. 07/27/2015
SUPER PHOS® (0-50-0) PHOS-MAX™ SUPER PHOS® (0-50-0) PHOS-MAX™ Sell Agricultural supplies , - SUPER PHOS™ complexed with MCT can be applied by foliar application, according to label directions, without the risk of phytotoxicity and keeps phosphate available and soluble in the soil solution for rapid and controlled uptake by plant roots without being blocked by clays or organic matter. Phosphate encourages the production of amino acids, proteins and carbohydrates necessary for cellular division. 07/27/2015
SUPER NITRO® (30-0-0) SUPER NITRO® (30-0-0) Sell Agricultural supplies , - SUPER NITRO™ with MCT is a complexed nitrogen source that can be applied by foliar application, according to label directions, without the risk of phytotoxicity. It can also be soil applied for a controlled and effi cient nitrogen release while keeping the nitrogen in the root zone. It reduces nitrogen losses from leaching and volatilization. SUPER NITRO™ enhances cellular respiration and promotes a longer productive crop life. 07/27/2015
SUPER K™ (0-0-40) SUPER K™ (0-0-40) Sell Agricultural supplies , - SUPER K™ complexed with MCT is a concentrated potassium product that contains enzymes and coenzymes, complexed and biologically active, to maximize potassium uptake by plants. SUPER K™ promotes internal cellular strength for fruit development and maturity, and regulates the movement of water and nutrients within the plant. 07/27/2015
FERTIL HUMUS® (24-0-0+Fe, Zn, Mn) FERTIL HUMUS® (24-0-0+Fe, Zn, Mn) Sell Agricultural supplies , - FERTIL HUMUS® complexed with MCT promotes benefi cial fungal activity in the soil and increases carbon and nutrient availability in the root zone. FERTIL HUMUS® enhances aerobic decomposition of organic matter and builds a humus-rich soil. It releases nutrients tied up in organic matter. FERTIL HUMUS® also helps protect the plant from heavy metals and toxic substances in the soil. 07/27/2015


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